Fall of Iron - Kit Haigh


Inspired by an ancient, but still functioning wrought iron latch & keep on one of the barn doors, Fall Of Iron is a piece of generative music created especially for the barn in which it is heard.


It is made entirely using sounds found in the barn itself, with the iron keep to the fore, and evolves in an ever-changing way that never exactly repeats. Some sounds are taken from the fabric of the building, others by objects found in the barn, like a scythe and a stoneware bottle. The sounds are stretched, compressed and distressed to varying degrees, then layered like archaeological strata to reflect the long history of both the barn and its locale. Different sounds and fragments of tune appear and disappear like glimpses of artefacts in the soil.

Meto - Imogen Cloët


In Meto Imogen has taken the Threshing Barn and it’s original purpose as the starting point for exploring the ideas of wheat, harvest, layers of time and the theme of death and renewal associated with agriculture and the circle of life.


Meto, (Latin for harvest, to harvest, to cut down in battle) is a dynamic piece that demonstrates the tension between man and nature. It represents the palpable energy of the past, the turbulent and anarchic times of the Border Reivers and the perceived tranquility of the landscape. The choice of tools is specific to harvesting wheat and grain crops from pre Roman times to mechanisation - the scythe, hand scythe and pitch fork. 

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