Photo Restoration
Dad & Granda Comp.jpg

Original 1925 Print



Give old well loved or forgotten pictures a new lease of life 

Using a wide range of digital editing techniques, I should be able to help with just about any image. 

  • Get in touch to discuss what you need. 

  • Send me the original image. I can work from prints, slides or negatives - or a digital file if you already have it.

  • I create a high resolution digital image of your photo without harming the original. 

  • Your restored image is then sent to you as a digital file and/or a high-quality reprint. 


I can create high resolution digital copies of your photos from prints, negatives and slides. 


I can digitally restore torn, damaged or faded photos.


From removing unwanted blemishes to combining elements from different scenes, I can offer a full digital makeover.


I can digitally apply colour to old black and white prints, adding depth and bringing the past to life.

Faded & torn 1960s print


Scratched, torn or otherwise damaged areas of the picture are carefully reconstructed in Photoshop. No automatic dust removal software is used, as this will usually also remove fine detail in the image that we want to keep. Then the overall tonality of the image is restored to give good contrast, along with correcting faded colours. Black & white pictures can be digitally hand coloured as an optional extra.

Finally I will do my best to maximise the the sharpness and subjective quality of the image - some film images are quite grainy and in many cases this can be reduced. However, you might like the grain and I'm happy to aim for whatever finished result you'd like!  


Gunnar Comp.jpg

From a 1947 35mm Negative

Scanning Prints

I scan most prints in high resolution using a flatbed scanner. For larger sizes I will use a DSLR camera mounted on a copy stand with even lighting which gives excellent results. This method also works best for highly textured prints where the scanner would emphasise the texture too much.

Negatives & Slides 

Negatives & slides are digitally copied at high quality using a DSLR camera and macro lens with a temperature controlled, even light source. Any size negative can be accommodated, including obscure, obsolete formats - even glass plates.

1960s & 70s 35mm Colour Slides