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Greenhead Scarecrow Trail

We are participating in the Greenhead Scarecrow Trail and our scarecrow depicts the story of The Gold Table from Thirlwall Castle. Listen to story teller David Silk and singer Lindsay Hannon retell the tale in a border ballad style. 

Lindsay Hannon + David Silk Come, let me tell ye…

Come, Let me tell ye… is a modern day Border ballad and spoken story in the style of traditional oral storytelling, hearkening back to the unique native song form of the Border lands of Northumberland and Cumbria. The folk narrative centres on the ruins of Thirlwall Castle, family home of Percival Thirlwall.


Legend has it one of that family brought back a great treasure from a far-off land (a solid gold table, no less!) but bought with it an evil being to guard over it. When Thirlwalls’ castle was finally burned by his enemies, this treasure, and its guardian, were sunk beneath a well in the grounds, and there they remain, awaiting anyone brave or foolish enough to go looking for them.



Song written and performed by Lindsay Hannon

Story written and performed by David Silk

Additional dialogue by Sir Robert Carey

Additional sound effects by Zapsplat

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