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Premiere of new song composed by Cheryl Camm

We moved here in October 2016, knowing no-one, having gone through a stressful sale, and about to embark on a restoration mountain. I was going stir crazy and within 2 weeks I was googling arts activities in Haltwhistle. Fortunately I found a choir met every Thursday at Holy Cross Church, then led by Bridie Jackson. The Hadrian's Singers took me under their wing and now I would not miss my weekly sing.

Engaging the local community in what we are doing is really important and our long term plan is to have a series of workshops for local communities as well as attracting national and international visitors outside. Our first workshop was aimed at the many singers in Northumberland who are in community choirs. It was led by singer and choir leader Kathryn Davidson who now leads Hadrian's Singers and composer Cheryl Camm.

The day began at Gilsland Village Hall where we learned a new song by Kat and Cheryl brought to the group a specially composed song based on the installation “Fall of Iron” by Imogen Clöet and composer Kit Haigh. Using creative tasks, the choir composed a beginning and ending made of sounds inspired by the installation and by the song. We then walked along the Hadrian’s Wall path for 20 minutes or so and gave the world premiere in Threshing Barn, encircling the sculpture itself. All this in glorious sunshine.

Click HERE to be taken to Cheryl Camm's website to listen to a recording of the song in the Threshing Barn.

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