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An inspiring playlist for class

Having an inspiring yoga playlist can take your practice to a completely new level. It can help you get out of your mind and into your body. It can help you get in the zone and stay focused on your flow. I have curated a playlist of 12 tracks from contemporary minimalist composers, electronic experimental artists and world music performers for your personal yoga practice or to play alongside the class – whether you want to feel energised, relaxed… or a little bit of both:

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3 comentarios

Got it sorted now. Useless with anything technical, but all working !!!. Great to see Max Richter on here...great composer of relaxing music

Me gusta

Hi Paul, thank you for your comment. If you click on the first track in the Spotify player in the blog it should automatically play the next track when the first track has finished. If you are playing in Spotify then you may need to change your play settings to continuous play. I hope that helps.

Me gusta

Opened in Spotify and it just plays one track, and the link sent only gives the intro...any advice on how to get all one hour of music to play at the same time ?

Me gusta
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