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Yield by Zach Beach

From 108 Savasana Poems: Blissful Words from the Heart of Yoga

Allow yourself to yield;

allow yourself to slow down.

Allow yourself to find

a new pace of life.

The more you slow down,

the more you can see and notice.

As the birds quiet their song when darkness falls,

as the caterpillar wraps itself in the warmth of death,

as winds decide they have blown enough seeds off the trees

and the lakes become clear again,

find your calm.

There is an "I" in storm;

it is found in the centre

where the winds of change do not disturb you.

There is no more need to take ammunition

to the sculpture of your life.

Your purpose is not a project to be pummelled

and molded into some small-minded picture,

but invited to blossom.

To open before you, in a miracle of unfolding vision.

As the river opens its mouth to the ocean,

relax and listen to your song's soul.

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