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A Day to Re:Root Day Retreats

Yoga Walking Coaching


Get back to yourself with a day of yoga, walking and coaching to help you feel grounded, strong, connected and centred. Take time to refocus, network, think and create in the Northumberland landscape with experts and facilitators holding the space for you to find you (again). It’s a day for you, inside and out. An opportunity to find your new shape, your best self for now.

The morning will begin with an accessible Hatha Yoga class using breathing techniques to still the mind and body, letting go of the daily preoccupations and scattered thoughts of the mind and in turn become more open to creative ideas and solutions. We will use meditation and intention setting to help you begin to explore your own thoughts and ideas. 

After a break and some refreshments, you can take a self guided or group walk and undertake a mindfulness practice whilst stretching your legs. Being out in nature is well proven to have huge benefits for our mental health.  We start to become more aware of our surroundings, more present in the now, more mindful. So during the day there will be opportunities for self reflection and verbalising and discussing ideas with peers using walk and talk model. 

You will create your own personal toolkit for getting unstuck, with a coaching model that includes a short 1:1 session, questions to help guide your experience of the day & a follow up call after one week. The day will finish with a restorative yoga session and final reflections. 

In line with current government guidelines (18th June 2021) we are limiting bookings to 6 spaces. If all spaces are filled then we will have a waiting list and as restrictions ease we can allocate spaces according to government guidelines on that day. If a full lockdown is called then you will have the option for a rebooking when allowed. 


Sunday 11th July 2021

10:30am- 4:30pm

Sunday 15th August 2021 

10:30am- 4:30pm


This full day retreat is inclusive of lunch and refreshments and is just £95.00 per person.

Amanda Drago

Amanda Drago will be leading your Yoga Practice. Amanda’s yoga journey began during her 15 year career as a professional dancer and has 25 years teaching experience in yoga and dance. The foundation of her yoga practice is Sivananda, a classical and holistic approach to Hatha Yoga, a gentler form which is suitable for all ages and abilities which compliments Amanda’s inclusive teaching style.

Amanda Drago

Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce is a qualified and practising Relational Dynamics Coach and Arts Producer. She has 20 years of working in the cultural sector and her skill is able to help people and projects get moving. As a coach she will work with you to provide space to understand your own thinking, explore ideas or untangle thoughts. This renewed focus will enable you to understand your goals and how to achieve them 

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