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Adult Ballet

Adult ballet will help improve your mobility, posture, coordination and energy levels. The classes include a warm-up at the barre with centre floor work and combinations.

In Adult Ballet we will cover the basic ballet positions, steps and vocabulary with a focus on the student's awareness of proper posture and body alignment. Participants will also develop a sense of musical awareness and movement quality. No prior ballet experience necessary. Adult Ballet can help to

* Improve your posture

* Tone and strengthen leg, glute and core muscles

* Increased flexibility

* Better muscle definition



Wednesday 6.15- 7.15pm, Gilsland Village Hall, Gilsland, Northumberland, CA8 7BE

Spring Term Dates

Wed 1st March 23 - 5th April 23

Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one and wear comfortable clothes to move in. Don't forget the water to keep you hydrated.



Classes will be held in 6half termly blocks.

£8.00 Drop In

£6.00 Online Drop In

Class Passes are available



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