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Workshop Programme - Artists, Crafters and Facilitators Wanted

Amanda Drago

11 Apr 2024

We are launching a summer workshop programme and need a range of artists, crafters and facilitators in a range of art forms.

Are you an experienced workshop facilitator, then we need you?

Green Croft is a farmstead in Gilsland, adjacent to Hadrian's Wall national trail. It's the home of Green Croft Arts. We have a small studio in the house, a large barn that is open to the elements but which we use in the summer and outside green space. There are numerous walks from the door. A small stream is adjacent to the buildings.

We do a lot of work with our local community however we want to have a stronger offer for the many tourists that visit in the summer. To do this we are launching a summer workshops programme and we are looking for a range of artists, crafters, DIY'ers who can facilitate small group workshops (between 8-12 people) either half or full day in length. At the end of the workshop people will have created something that they can take away or have learned a new skill. We particularly would like to hear from people that can offer a workshop that in someway connects with and reflects the landscape of where we live or the heritage of our location on Hadrian's Wall.

Workshop facilitators would be paid a fee and we would manage the marketing and take the bookings.

Please email Amanda Drago on with

  • CV and / or link to website

  • A short paragraph giving an example of the type of workshop you could offer

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